You must get an additional permit for your vehicle if it is not registered under IRP or IFTA to travel through other jurisdictions. Permits are also applicable to those vehicles that are exceeding the size and weight limitations.

Trip Permits

Obtaining a trip permit is necessary for the vehicle to operate in a region where it is not registered under IRP. Without showing the trip permit at the state’s entrance you can’t enter into that member jurisdiction. This permit is a temporary one and issued in lieu of IRP credentials.

Fuel Permits

It is recommended to get a temporary fuel permit along with a trip permit. If you don’t produce a valid license or decals at the jurisdiction you are not liable to travel further or purchase any fuel. Once you obtain the fuel permits you must secure it in the vehicle since it is necessary to show them at the entrance.

Oversize and Overweight Permits

You must get a permit authorizing the movement according to vehicle size and weight. If your vehicle exceeds the size and weight limitations the oversize/overweight permit is a must to enter a member jurisdiction.